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Polish Association of Public Opinion and Marketing Research Firms

Polish Association of Public Opinion and Marketing Research Firms was set up in 1997 by ten MR companies. The factor that pushed MR industry to action and triggered the association was the privacy legislation bill that was about to be passed by the Polish parliament. The bill, in its initial form, was potentially very damaging for MR activity. Since than OFBOR has grown and now has 20 members that account for about 80% of the Polish market for market research, including all major players present in Poland.

The primary objective of OFBOR is to represent the members of the association in their contacts with employee associations, state and local authorities, professional bodies and the general public, and to represent the interests, defend the rights and argue the position of its member companies in any dispute. Moreover, the association aims to build and strengthen public confidence in market research and opinion polls by, for example, establishing and promoting professional research standards and creating the conditions for independent and objective assessment of compliance with these standards. OFBOR also liaises between the suppliers and users of market research and opinion polls in order to counteract practices which represent unfair competition, especially cartel agreements, and to foster a good entrepreneurship climate in the field of market and opinion research.